Centennial Celebration--October 2013

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Oct. 26, 2013  Fort Bragg SDA Church Centennial Celebration

  • Memento History of our Church (send any pictures you have to Brenda to scan, originals will be returned, or email to brenda_o_bryant@comcast.net) 707-964-0657
  • 131 people were in attendance
  • Thank you Willits Church members who helped us with the potluck, it was awesome
  • The event was filmed and will be turned into a souvenir for people, please sign up for the souvenir, donantions will be appreciated
  • All the pictures that were posted on bulletin boards, as well as others will be on the souvenir CD
  • Photos that were taken will be on the CD, if you took pictures please send them to me so we can share them as well.  If you have any photos from the past, please email to me, or you can mail them as well, originals will be returned)
  • A link to the Memories page is below, please fill it out and return it to me within the month.
  • Please provide contact information to help us keep in touch. You mailing address, email address and phone number will not be shared, if anyone wants to get ahold of you, I will try to email you with their information. Please fill out the form,  you can click on at the bottom of this page
  • If for some reason you were not able to, please send in a story that we can include in the memory to share as well as any picture you have from the Church or the School by filling out the form you can click on at the bottom of this page
  • You can contact me at brenda_o_bryant@comcast.net  there is a underline before the o and after it.  You can also call me at 707-964-0657.   

 Thank you for celebrating with us, it was an exciting time for all of us!

We'd like to hear from you. Please click this link to let us know who you are.  Share some of your favorite memories from your time on the Mendocino Coast and let me know if you would like the memories.